A Feeling of Timelessness

Nebamun fowling in the marshes, Tomb-chapel of Nebamun, c. 1350 B.C.E., 18th Dynasty, paint on plaster, 83 x 98 cm

I like to imagine that one day a collection of my work will be dug out from the ground as artifacts of a blank age. I hope at that point the birds in my work are still chirping, people are still standing under trees, bugs are still shimmering in the sun, cows are still stoic in their fields, the dew still beads in the morning, stray dogs remain chasing scent through the high grass. Surely some faces will still be beautiful, and the sun will still radiate downwards. I hope someone might brush the soil and dust from my work and say, “huh, we’ve all been there.” In this way I like to strike the essential.

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