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Writing About my Work

I've never really been good at writing about my work. I like to write writing, and draw pictures. Oftentimes the words beyond that seem to get caught, and knot themselves in ways I don’t always love. I find myself tiptoeing around explicitly stating my larger justifications; perhaps because I'm irrational, acting on instinct, or perhaps to guard over the impressions my work might leave beyond my own.

Furthermore I have a tendency to distrust, or dismiss, things that are too clear. I much prefer overgrown paths to open highway. The idea of knowing damn well why I'm working and what I'm heading towards doesn’t sit right with me. Perhaps this makes me aimless, wandering around with clouded eyes, but I think that claiming otherwise, in any artist's case, would be self deceiving. I believe those that know exactly what they're doing should get lost.

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