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New Times 

This book was produced to house thoughts, findings and research concerning the establishment and eventual collapse of standardized time. It details the sociocultural history of time-keeping spanning from the dawn of civilization, through the Industrial Revolution and into hypothetical time-keeping systems of the distant future.

Aesthetically it borrows from my previously produced copy of The Collapse of Western Civilization: A View From the Future, due to their shared role as documents predicting speculative futures. It adopts the same semi-translucent vellum cover, however this one blurs a collection of alternate clocks. Authored and self published by myself.

4.25 x 7 ̋

Edition of 1


The Collapse of Western Civilization: A View From the Future
Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway

The book functions as a textbook of the present recorded from the future, foreboding and examining eventual certainties in the years to come. It meticulously details the sources of Western Civilization’s fall within the next century due to self-initiated climate change. Alongside the book I also developed a webpage meant to allow for online viewings and supplemental material.

Cover is bound in semi-translucent sanded vellum, and is rough to the touch.

4.25 x 7̋

Edition of 5

First Draft of The Collapse of Western Civiliation

Sky blue me-tientes paper cover, dyecut to reveal title
typesetting annotations visible below
8.5 x 7 



Carr’s Pond Books

For several months I, alongside Frederick Horton, Maxton O’Connor and Nate Krohn, consistently visiting Carr's Pond, a dense forest and lake, which is about forty-five minutes outside of Providence in rural Rhode Island. We became interested in ways to both see and be seen within the site, which led to us making studies on the roles of both day-glo and camouflage within the landscape. Our studies eventually culminated in printing a handful of books and a reversible poncho with which to more thoughtfully exist and wander through the location

Edition of 3


Existing Wayfinding Survey

A comprehensive visual record of existing artifacts, signage,  and markers from the land, from which we formed our own visual language to express the site.

5 x 7.25  ̋



A walk along the trail expressed in 12 cut-paper scenes.

5.5 x 4.5  ̋



A booket detailing the overall communal use of the site, our intent with this project, the outcome of our studies.

3.5 x 5  ̋

Rhode Island School of Design
Class of 2021 Yearbook

I helped in ideating and creating the RISD 2021 Yearbook as a member of the RISD Design Guild. The book features portraits of the graduating class as well as pixel drawings from every student, which were gathered from a website we created and hosted. Through this method each student was able to customize their page and express themselves. Swiss bound with visible binding.

8.5 x 10  ̋

Edition of 300

Printed and bound by Meridian Printing

Everything created in collaboration with the incredible members of RISD Design Guild.

Thank you!