My name is Leo Horton, and I currently work as a visual artist, designer and illustrator for cultural institutions and brands as well as my indepedent practice as a fine artist. I am from Charleston, South Carolina; studied Graphic Design in Providence, Rhode Island in the RISD Class of 2023; and am currently based in Berlin, Germany. For questions, insights or opportunities please reach out to my management at bw@ploegarts.com.

Feel free to explore my social side on ︎ or have a look at my research on ︎. If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to reach out

If you would like to see my work experience I’d recommend you look here or reach out to me directly for my CV and portfolio. If you want fragments of my artist’s statements please check out my writing

While you’re here, I would encourage you to look into my brother, Fred Horton, who practices as an architect and is my closest collaborator, as well as my father, Mark Kelvin Horton, a painter who taught me a lot of what I know. Likewise please check out my lovely friends:

Maxton O’Connor, Ndivhuho RasenganiAriel Dong, Louis Hilson, Alice BurgMarcux Brown, Amar Amahd, Angie Pei, Nik Arthur, Eddie Mandell,