Carr’s Pond Books

For several months I, alongside Frederick Horton, Maxton O’Connor and Nate Krohn, consistently visiting Carr's Pond, a dense forest and lake, which is about forty-five minutes outside of Providence in rural Rhode Island used for recreational swimming, camping and hunting. We became interested in ways to both see and be seen within the site, where day-glo neon orange is legally required during hunting season. This led us to make visual studies on the roles of both day-glo and camouflage within this landscape. Our studies eventually culminated in printing a handful of books, as well as designing a reversible windbreaker with which to more thoughtfully exist and travel through the land.

Edition of 3


Existing Wayfinding Survey

A comprehensive visual record of existing artifacts, signage,  and markers from the land, from which we formed our own visual language to express the site.

5 x 7.25  ̋



A walk along the trail expressed in 12 cut-paper scenes.

5.5 x 4.5  ̋



A booket detailing the overall communal use of the site, our intent with this project, and the outcome of our studies.

3.5 x 5  ̋



A reversible poncho with which to carry the books, and thoughtfully, and safely, exist within the site.