‘Beachcombing’, a book documenting a collection of beach-combed objects sourced from the beaches of Rhode Island between the Winter and Spring of 2022.

Every featured object, of which there are hundreds, were gathered at three beaches: Weatherill State Park, 1st Beach in Newport and Tillinghast Beach in West Barrington, the last of which sourced the vast majority of the collection. Every object is left uncaptioned, so as to preserve them in the state they were found, as nameless shards adrift. A history can be read in every object and through their collective whole, knowing that only over many years can a sharp edge soften.

These objects were not found alone, but rather with the shared contributions of @fred_horton @maxtonoc and I, who weathered many cold New England mornings to find these bits and pieces.

7.5x9 ̋

Edition of 5