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I am always listening to music, and an important part of my practice is providing aesthetic services in collaboration with a number of musicians and bands across a variety of projects. I work alongside musicians by producing the art direction behind album releases, record sleeves, tour posters, merchandise, staging and more. 

Some of my collaborators and former projects include:

The Slaps
Tomato Tree

Lunar Vacation
Inside Every Fig is a Dead Wasp

Art Direction for The Woods

Theresa Eggesbø
Spaces EP

Welcome to the Jungle

Ambar Lucid
Dreaming Lucid

SUMOCLIC (Golden Vessel + Akurei)
record label’s logomark and visual identity

James Bambu
White Lines, Sunny Daze and Pieces

Drift Away and Oh No (Not Again)

Nick Leng
A Plant Fell From the Window

Feng Suave

Venus Flytrap