Through adopting an outlook in which we consider the space between our building blocks as a model of understanding, we can better integrate change. To improve out cities, we need to look past the facade and through the streets to see how we can better orientate an enviornment. Weeds lives between the cracks in the sidwalks and pidgeons nest in the alcoves by the window. Life doesn’t belong in steel corridors and asphalt strips, it belongs in whats between these blocks.

Architecture should naturally reflect this sentiment, and look towards buildings that better promote growth and life in their vicinity. 

These pieces largely explore this concept of the “space between bricks” in the context of graphic design. How can information be conveyed between buildings, between streets and in the liminal spaces our society has created. Empty space fills our lives, and while it is valuable it speaks volumes that go largely unheard. Bricks form our monuments, our structures, our worlds and our lives.